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Friday, July 1, 2016

[❥] On My Mind

[❥] Alot has been on my mind lately!
Oh don't worry, my mind is on RN 100%, LOL, its that I want to get my feet wet in CNAso I am better prepared for RN, hehe.

I think CNA will help me fully understand being a 'Nurse' 😋. I need to start finding ideas on how to raise the program fee! Thinking about making bracelets & selling them to raise $$ for the program fee!!!

The program that I need to raise is $766.00, that includes everything except few things.

Items that are included:
- Books
- Teacher hour
- Background check
- Finger Printing
- State/Board examination

Items that are NOT included;
- Scrubs (I have my own)
- TB/Skin Test (out of pocket expense (only $35.00), not bad!

If I am able to raise the $766.00 program fee, I will be able to register for the class that is offered here  at my local Vo-Tech school!!!!

I hope that I am able to raise money by making bracelets!!!

Heck something that will me out !!! 😊